How can I get a quote or make a booking for a house cleaning?

If you would like to get a free, no obligation quote, or make a booking please fill the contact form for an instant estimate of how long your cleaning service will take to perform and how much it will cost.

Please note, that this is just an estimate. Every home is different and it may take more or less time to clean your home than the original quote. If you know how long your home cleaning service should take please let us know at the time of booking.

We can also provide a complete, no obligation, on-the-spot quotation

Do you provide cleaning service in my area?

We provide home cleaning services in Newtown and Alexandria areas including Alexandria, 2015 Beaconsfield, 2015 Newtown, 2042 Erskineville, 2043 Eveleigh, 2015 Darlington, 2008 Enmore, 2042.

How long will it take to clean my home ?

This depends on a number of factors including the size of your home, the cleaning standard you require, and the number of home cleaners doing the job.

What happens on public holidays or weekends?

We are closed on Public Holidays and weekends, however your house cleaner may choose to work on the day so please ask them directly.

Am I under Contract?

No, if for any reason you do not need our cleaning service, it is as simple as just contact the house cleaner and they will return your key soon. Two weeks in advance notice will be appreciated

What if I am going away?

We provide flexible cleaning services. If you are going away for a period when you do not need cleaning service, just let your cleaner know and they will follow your instructions.

Do I need to supply a key?

Over half customers supply us keys for convenience and we take the responsibility very seriously, however you can manage access to your home in other ways, such as: l Hide a key somewhere around the house before cleaners come 2 Let the cleaner in and ask them to lock up when they are finished.