Quality house & home cleaning services in Sydney

To most people, home cleaning or house cleaning is difficult and repetitive tasks that seem to eat up so much time. We provide reliable effective house cleaning services so you can spend more time with family and friends or just enjoy your leisure time.

Estimated Cost for Regular Home Cleaing

The size and condition of your home determines how long it will take to clean. We might charge a flat rate for the first cleaning if a lot of dirt and mould have built up in your home. The following price table lists the typical three home cleaning cost estimates:

Small Unit

Small unit is common in new apartments, which has one bedroom and one small bathroom.
Normally one bedroom with one bathroom
One bedroom
One bathroom
One kitchen
One living room

Big House

Big house has more than three bedrooms and two bathrooms, huge living room and kitchen
More than three bedrooms and two bathrooms
More than three bedrooms
More than two bathrooms
Big living room and kitchen
Extra cleaning tasks
All prices on our website are including GST, excluding initial cleaning cost if applicable